How to title a college paper?

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The title page of a college paper or essay is the work’s first page. It lists the title of the work and the name of the author.

Title pages are not required in all citation styles; instead, some styles require that the same information is placed at the top of the college paper ‘s first page.

The title page for a thesis contains the full title, the author’s name and academic credentials, the degree-granting faculty and department name, the name of the university and date of graduation, and the universal copyright symbol. The thesis title page is usually page , but it is not numbered; the abstract is the first numbered page.

The title page is the face of student work, which creates the first impression of it. Will it be good or bad – it depends on you. We, for our part, will tell you in detail and will definitely show you how to write the title page of the essay in order not to hit your face in the dirt.

How to make a title page:

What is the importance of the correct design of the title page of the college paper? If the title page is framed incorrectly, then the reviewer, most likely without even reading the text of the main part, will deploy you for revision.

You can refer to the training manual or consult with the teacher; maybe he has some personal preferences.

What exactly should be on the title page of the college paper?

Before you write the title page of the college paper, you need to set the size of the fields:

right – at least 1.5 cm

left – 3 cm

upper and lower – 2 cm.

The title page should contain:

university name;

full name of the department;

name of the discipline;

the subject of scientific work;

student data (name, course, group number, the form of study);

data of the checking teacher;

the city where the student is studying;

year of issue of the document.

Numbering and font rules

Even though the numbering begins with the title page, the number “1” is not affixed, the same applies to the content page.

As a rule, when writing a college paper, you must adhere to the standard font – Times New Roman and size 14 size.