Tips to Quit

Most Common Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

How to Manage Them

Cravings to Smoke Urge usually passes in 3-5 minutes. Talk to someone, keep your hands busy.
Irritable, Cranky Take a walk, Take a deep breath, Learn relaxation techniques
Not Able to Sleep Avoid caffeine, Take a long walk, Practice relaxation techniques
Hunger Drink water or low calorie liquids, Eat low calorie snacks
Unable to Focus Plan work in advance, Avoid added stress
Headache Slow deeps breaths, Drink plenty of water

Don’t Give Up! The average smoker will attempt to quit from 7 to 10 times before quitting for good.

You Can Quit. Learn more.


  • Within 20 minutes of quitting your blood pressure and pulse rate drops to normal.
  • In just 8 hours oxygen level increases to normal and carbon monoxide level decreases to normal
  • Within 2 days your ability to smell and taste improve.
  • In 5 years lung cancer death rate and stroke risk are greatly reduced.

“Quit with us, don’t do it alone. Quit aides AND counseling double your chance of success.”



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