Young Lungs at Play

Protect Children from Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in Public Parks and Playgrounds

YLAPMunicipalities, school districts, youth sports organizations and other groups are invited to join TobaccoFree Northeast PA and partnering agencies in eliminating children’s exposure to secondhand smoke at public parks and playgrounds.

Adopting 100% tobacco free laws, ordinances, policies or resolutions in public areas where children play help to accomplish this.

Policy initiatives are key strategies in influencing community norms and effective ways to limit exposure to the dangers of secondhand smoke. This initiative will protect the environment and protect the health of all. We will support you as you work to create tobacco-free parks and playgrounds.

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Join Young Lungs at Play – 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Develop, approve and implement a local tobacco-free parks and playgrounds ordinance, policy or resolution that identifies the specific areas within the park or playground being covered and includes:
    • a statement that all forms of tobacco use are prohibited – eliminating secondhand smoke
    • an enforcement plan
    • a communications plan for informing the public.
  2. Provide us with a copy of the ordinance, policy or resolution.
  3. Install your Young Lungs at Play signs in designated areas.

Young Lungs at Play Participants Will Receive:

  1. Resources and Technical Assistance: attendance at meetings to provide Young Lungs at Play information; sample ordinances, policies, or resolutions; and sample press releases to notify the general community and media.
  2. Signs: When the ordinance is adopted, upon request, you will be provided with FREE, standard pre-imprinted 12”X18” metal signs to place in your tobacco-free area(s).

For more information about Young Lungs at Play, contact TobaccoFree Northeast PA, at 1-866-974-QUIT.