How to head a paper in college?

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Most students who are faced with the task of writing a college paper are wondering how to design a college paper correctly. In addition to matching the content of a given college paper topic, there are a number of design requirements that must be followed.

Requirements for the design of the content of the college paper

1) The content of the college paper should fully disclose the given topic, correspond to it.

2) It is advisable to start a college paper with a small introduction, the purpose of which is to familiarize yourself with the topic, to reveal the key points, to raise the problem issue. The introduction is intended to introduce readers to the course of the problem addressed in the composition. In addition, the introduction should be of interest, attract attention, motivate further reading.

3) The main part of the college paper is the disclosure of the content of the topic, a detailed description of the issues addressed. This part of the work is the largest. It should give the reader an idea of ​​the topic touched upon, answer the desired questions. In the main part of the college paper, you can bring the views of various scholars about this issue or describe their own views, impressions, emotions.

4) The final part of the college paper is characterized by a description of the general conclusions on the topic. The conclusion should be small  but carefully thought out, concrete, reflecting the main results and important points. The final part is intended to lead the reader to the logical conclusion of the college paper.

Requirements for the technical design of the college paper

1) The college paper subject is written without quotes. If the topic contains a quote, then in this case quotes are put.

2) If an epigraph is attached to the composition, then it is prescribed without quotes on the right side of the sheet. Under the epigraph indicate the name and initials of the author of the lines, if any. You can also specify the work from which the epigraph was taken.