Webinar: Every Smoker Every Time

This online activity will assist professionals (social workers, behavioral health workers, etc.) with interactive skill-building training in tobacco education, effective brief intervention strategies, and referral to resources.   The webinar is an online learning activity, which can be completed from the convenience of your home or office.

Please click this link to begin the Webinar

For the Pennsylvania Department of Health a Pre-Approved Tobacco Cessation Registry Application, applicants must complete the Every Smoker, Every Time Webinar.

If you are interested in participating in the Pennsylvania Department of Health Pre-Approved Tobacco Cessation Registry or have questions about your recent registry application, please click here.

Additionally The Every Smoker, Every Time training is always available in person.  It is provided at no cost (when conducted within the ten counties that TFNE serves)
by the TFNE Healthcare Trainer. For more information or to request a training,
please click here.