Tobacco Treatment

Tobacco Free Northeast PA is well established in tobacco programming and we have a history of effective community tobacco control work for over 25 years. Previously, TFNE served the Lehigh Valley area providing tobacco control services since 1989 under grant acquisitions through Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) when we were known as Coalition for a Smoke-Free Valley. TFNE and our service providers continue to provide optimum services within our ten county districts.

Our service providers are highly skilled through our training programs and monitored annually, and receive periodic refresher training. Some of the management strategies we established include: counselor, agency and client files monitoring; counseling treatment protocols; nicotine replacement therapy protocols; worksite and community-based treatment; employer insurance advice to encourage coverage of tobacco treatment services and pharmaceuticals; client follow-up at one and six month post treatment to evaluate program effectiveness and prevent client relapse.

Our goal is to continue to provide the best tobacco cessation program for residents by offering support and various ways to quit their addiction.