There is tremendous need for tobacco prevention and control programming in the Northeast Health District. The burden of chronic diseases such as: cancer, heart disease, diabetes; in addition to low-income, education and one of the highest smoking prevalence rates of the state are reasons why tobacco interventions and prevention programs are essential in the Northeast District.

By focusing on areas that have mutual interests, we create a community buy-in for tobacco prevention that extends beyond limited funded resources. The future of tobacco control in Pennsylvania will rely on these collaborative efforts. And, most importantly, we strive to deliver optimum programs which have been vetted by national or international organizations.

Our partnerships include:

  • American Lung Association (Lung Force)
  • Burn Prevention Network
  • Bradbury – Sullivan LGBT Community Center
  • Diabetes Prevention
  • Head Start
  • Legacy
  • The Food Trust/Healthy Corner Store Initiative
  • Matter of Balance
  • Pennsylvania Alliance to Control Tobacco (PACT)
  • PAcAARds!