Advocate Smoke Free Environment

Policy work is an all-important part of tobacco control and increasingly part of the Pennsylvania program. Through our local work with school districts, colleges, hospitals, businesses and multi-unit housing, TFNE has encouraged and assisted in developing tobacco free policies in each of the areas below.

These protective factors provide access to our intended populations and reinforce our goals to reach out to those who are impacted by tobacco use. Tobacco Free Northeast PA is in favor of a stronger Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) that removes all exemptions from the current law. If you agree, we strongly encourage you to contact your state representative

Bars and Restaurants

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania enacted the Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) that prohibits smoking in most public places. The purpose of the Act is to protect nonsmokers from the dangers of Second Hand Smoke.
Tobacco Free Northeast PA supports CIAA by conducting inspections of bars and restaurants and responding to consumer complaints regarding violations of the law.

College Campuses

Twenty-three colleges or universities are located in the Northeast District and two of them have tobacco free campus policies. To encourage further policy development, we recruit college staff and students to the Northeast Coalition.

Parks/Recreational Centers

The Young Lungs at Play initiative is an adoption of a 100% tobacco free ordinance, policy or resolution in places where children play eliminates exposure to secondhand smoke.

Tobacco-free parks provide children with a clean and healthy place to play. These are the messages we use to educate municipal officials of their civic duty to protect residents from tobacco in parks and recreation areas. To date more than 70 municipalities or 21% in the Northeast District have implemented Young Lungs at Play (YLAP) in their parks, playgrounds, etc.

Multi-Unit Housing

Residents living in multi-family residential buildings like apartments and condominiums are frequently exposed to secondhand smoke drifting into their home and from other parts of the building.

To date, a housing authority in Allentown passed and implemented a new tobacco-free policy to become the second in PA to implement a no tobacco use policy throughout all of their low income housing, covering 5 different locations. And recently, County Housing Authorities in Carbon and Northampton Counties have adopted a 100% tobacco-free policy.

Rental Properties

While rental properties are not covered by the Clean Indoor Air Act, we at TFNE encourage all landlords to consider not allowing smoking in their rental units.   It is obvious that smoking is a risk for fire damage to your property.   There is a large body of evidence that indicates particulate matter left behind by previous smoking tenants can affect the health of you and your future tenants.


TFNE subcontracts annually with educators that will assist worksites interested in helping their employees stop smoking. Businesses enjoy lower insurance rates when their employees are tobacco free.